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A Kendall Mountain Summer Sunset

July 23, 2018 in Blog

Lovely sunset with streaming clouds tonight. Super quick edit with PTGui – decided not to spend the additional 3 hours tweaking the blurs from the moving clouds! They were streaming past at a solid 30+ miles an hour, suffice to say they had moved quite a bit by the time the panorama had moved even from one shot to the next. 🚁🐝

Spring Sunset

May 7, 2018 in Blog, Photography

A spring sunset in Tolland.

Sunset Photosphere – Spring is coming

April 11, 2018 in Blog

So soon for spring – looking forward to more days with sunsets like this (and warm enough to enjoy!)

Connecticut River Icejam

January 17, 2018 in Blog

Ice Jam? Not a new kind of winter music festival, as much fun as that sounds. The only music is 6 miles of ice creaking, groaning, and loud shattering that is hopefully ice but is sometimes property. Spent some time Tuesday (1/16/2018) trying to document the scale of the ice. It is not something that is easy to grasp through words, pictures, or even video. Arriving home last night, the one word I would have used to sum up the day? Humbling. The scale and sheer, latent power just resting there was truly humbling.

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro Panorama Mode review

January 11, 2018 in Blog, Photography, Reviews

Tried out the new DJI Phantom 4 Pro panorama mode yesterday. tl;dr – Wow. two thumbs up. A lovely little holiday gift from DJI with the 2017.12.25 firmware! First up, here’s my review plus a few tips of shooting panoramas with this new Panorama mode. Next up – more details on processing them.

The Past & Expectations

I’ve shot a lot of 360 degree photospheres, tried I think every 3rd party app available for them,  in the end I always went back to shooting them by hand. Nothing else really worked, and they were always SLOW, often taking up to an entire full battery. Shooting by hand I could shoot a couple of panos with lots of overlap in a single battery, using AEB mode.

So, I was absolutely expecting the DJI app to be less than useful when I tried the new mode yesterday. Wow, I like pleasant surprises! It may not be perfect, but it’s pretty darned good and a huge upgrade over every app as well as handheld shooting 95% of the time. Most importantly, it is FAST. The drone just whips around completing an entire pano is less time than a handful of shots would have taken from any app in the past.

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Streaming Sunrise Panorama

January 10, 2018 in Blog

Captured this panoramic view yesterday morning just as the sun crested the horizon. A happy 2018 indeed!

The sunrises the past few mornings have been so lovely. Beautiful golden light filtering through the trees with just the right amount of cloud cover. 🌄 😎

PS Can you find the deer still sleeping in the snow? 💤 🦌 💤