Who Am I?

Jeremy Pollack is a Connecticut-based author and award-winning photographer. Growing up in the woods, his first love has always been landscape and travel photography, which he started shooting with his father's Canon FT QL at five years old. As his passion grew over the years, so did the breadth of his interests.

Today, as a former IT Director turned travel + adventure photographer, fashion brand co-founder, and licensed drone pilot, Jeremy explores the world through his lens and unique blend of experiences.

Imagery is important

As I view everything around me, I am always thinking about how to encapsulate a piece of that world in the frame. My goal is to share a piece of our reality in a way that perhaps the viewer had not considered. Or to share a piece of our reality in a way that the viewer had not slowed down enough to admire and appreciate. I find beauty both in nature and in the human-made world around us. And I am consistently surprised at how little of that beauty is ever noticed or appreciated and it is my hope that I can share some of that beauty with my viewer.

I started taking photographs for myself. I would spend an hour, an afternoon, a day or longer exploring an area or subject and be fascinated at what my camera saw. As I spent more time behind the lens, a deeper understanding grew of my vision, the nature of the world around me, and of the interactions of light, shadow, color, and our perceptions. This study is an ongoing one which I will never finish but hope to constantly advance.

As time passed, I began to understand how I could use photography to bring the beauty I saw in the world to those who might appreciate it. The joy of sharing this, my simple vision, was a bit startling at first. Yet it was addicting. My hope is that after experiencing one of my images that the viewer will be inspired to stop and see their own reality in a new way.