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Taken at 30 second at f/4, ISO 640 with a EF24mm f/1.4L II USM @ 24 mm
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EDIT: Thanks to a suggestion from Jamie Boyle, I’ve put up a free extra large copy of the image above for use as computer wallpaper here. If this is popular, perhaps I’ll do more wallpapers in the future.

Monday was a travel day. Picked up a rental car in downtown San Diego, and drove up to LA. The original plan was to drive up the coast, hitting La Jolla, Torrey Pines, and the other sights along the Pacific Coast highway and the coastal roads in LA proper. The fog, however, had other ideas. After hitting La Jolla, having an utterly incredible lunch at The Promiscuous Fork in La Jolla and visiting the seals at The Children’s Pool, a review of the weather showed that the fog didn’t extend inland, so a last minute 90 degree turn was in order.

Much driving around was had, and I learned that the California landscape is very different and my east coast instincts for finding good photo spots doesn’t quite translate to the west coast. In the end, we found our way to the Elfin Forest area as the sun was pretty much already setting, but got to watch the beautiful lights and colors as it faded to darkness and the stars came out. Mt. Isreal Road

It’s Tuesday and LA is completely coated in fog. I think I’ve got the fog curse for California.

Pics of sea lions and more to come..