One of many casualties.

Well it has been a crazy few days here in northern CT. Much of the state is still out of power after the major and unusual noreaster that blew through Saturday and Sunday.

Like many others, I was simply not quite prepared for it despite the warnings. There was just something about a 12+” of wet snow prediction for October 29th that simply wouldn’t sink in!

Saturday night into Sunday morning sounded like a gun battle in the yard, as limbs succumbed to the ever increasing weight of snow. It started with the ornamental dogwood in the front of our house… seven of nine major limbs snapped, including the ones to the left. We just sat and watched them go one after another.

By Sunday morning, there were 13 trees or major limbs down across my driveway, and eight more on the quarter mile of dirt road from my house to the paved road. Like many many others, we don’t have power may not for a week, so expect the blog postings to be a bit erractic for the new few days.

In the meantime, below is a selection of the photographs I took on Sunday morning documenting some of the carnage.

If you are warm and electrified, I’m happy for you and a bit jealous! If you are cold and in the dark, good luck!