DestinationExcuseJourney2As some readers may know, I am taking the next steps on this journey we call life. I’ll be moving on from my role at UConn, where I have been the Director of IT for the School of Business these past four years, and in other roles there for the six before. During that time I have learned so much, had amazing experiences, and become who I am today. For better or for worse. ๐Ÿ™‚

The next question is generally, “Where are you going?” or “What are you doing?” The ranges of responses to my answer, which is, “I don’t know!” has been quite interesting. While it may be a slight exaggeration [I have some ideas, and other ideas of what I don’t want to do] and perhaps intentionally flippant, it is essentially true. I have reached a point in this journey of life, career, and self-growth where I have decided it is time for something different. And I am making this decision that it is time to change first because to do it in the other order isn’t truly embracing where I want to go next.

My wife Crista has long been far less risk-averse than I in this sort of thing [1] and has be pulling me, sometimes kicking and screaming, in this direction for years. She is not the only influence, but I give her the lion’s share of the credit as she has also been the conduit through which I met other significant influencers, such as James Roche, and continually pushed me to consider and be open to alternative options. And there have certainly been others who have either directly or indirectly helped me get to where I am now. In some cases, I am just now realizing how valuable their lessons or examples were even though at the time I wasn’t consciously ready to hear or comprehend them. In particular my uncle, Dan Jones, and Rick Sammon are heavily on my mind of late as I reflect on conversations and examples from how they have lived their lives and pursued their passions.

wpid3360-PICT7302.jpgEven 12 months ago, I would have not been able to make this leap. 24 months ago I don’t think I could have even conceptualized leaving a salaried, secure, full-time position to pursue something not-guaranteed and not even know what that something, or somethings might be. And observing and reflecting on the range of responses I receive talking to people has reminded me of how far I’ve already travelled down this path. And sometimes, how far I still have to go. There are some who simply cannot fathom the idea, or who assume I’m just not telling “what I’m really doing,” to some who express envy, or say “that is great, but I could never do that!” to a smaller subset who have clearly considered it, and a very few who have either done it or are actively intending to do so.

Reflecting on this journey so far and the interest that some have shown, on being reminded of how far I’ve come already, to push myself to continue to be mindful and reflective and remember wherever I go next, and finally, to share all of these things with others who might be interested, I’ve written this little post and am going to continue to write more.

Thanks for reading. It is exciting. It is scary. But I will not regret it, I will not look back. The journey is the thing; the destination is just an excuse to take the journey. And I’m looking forward to the journey being more interesting.

[1] In this sort of thing = entrepreneurial, risk taking in financial matters, etc. I’ll jump off a bridge with a bungee cord or out of a plane in a heartbeat which I don’t think she’d do for a million bucks!