Photographing New York City (part of the Digital Field Guide series by Wiley) is in stock at and bookstores everywhere! I’ll be posting one wallpaper a week from the book or the series for the next couple of months both here and at the Digital Photo Experience. If you have any requests for specific wallpapers after reading the book, post in the comments and we’ll make it happen if at all possible.

This week I’ll be putting up a bonus wallpaper because of the delay between weeks posts. Stay tuned!

Each wallpaper image will be available in widescreen and standard versions for PCs and Macs as well as an iPad, iPhone lock screen and mobile devices!

To download the images, click the thumbnails below to follow the links, and select the Save Photo link at the top of the screen.

PC & Mac widescreen wallpaper

PC & Mac standard wallpaper

iPad wallpaper

iPhone/iPod touch lock screen wallpaper

Mobile device wallpaper

Previous and current wallpapers are available at: