wpid3195-20131128-_JP_2900-Edit.jpgMy friend Shannon contacted me recently with a request. After seeing the massive devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan across the Philippines, she quickly decided to donate 50% of her profits through the rest of this year to Change.org. And she asked if I (and many other local photographers) would be willing to do the same.

Easy answer. Of course.

Shannon put the effort into words far better than I, so go and read her post on the reason and mindset on her blog.

Then check out the images in my online store at Fat Frog Photography. For all purchases through the rest of 2013 will see 50% of the profits donated to Change.org to benefit the long recovery from Haiyan. Don’t forget to check out Shannon’s beautiful work as well as the many other photographers she has rallied to the effort.