At the foot of Lucero Peak

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Taken at 1.3 second at f/13, ISO 50 with a EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM @ 16 mm

At the base of Lucero Peak is a little stream that runs all year round. There is a huge rock here and the stream goes around it in its journey out of the valley and eventually meandering down to the Rio Grande. Coming through here near sunset meant the aspen were glowing not only in the sky but in the pools of water as the stream ran its course. Definitely an amazing place I could have sat for hours.

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    • jeremy
      jeremy says:

      Thank you curlyfry.

      It was a fantastic hike. The day before I hiked just north of it at El Salto Creek (see a lot more info at []). If you look at the bottom of that page there is the road running across the bottom edge of the map. Rather than turning up to the final road that says “Parking” you can actually park at the curve and hike up there.

      On Google Maps, you park right here:

      You can see the boulder, and in fact a decent outline of the path via satellite, here:

      I hope you enjoy the trip. New Mexico is an amazing place to explore and photograph. I look forward to my next visit.


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